Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'm back!!

Well I have to say, I have been somewhat short of inspiration. Must bite the bullet and just write.
I was intrigued by Cro's recent blog featuing a UFO. Reminds me of the time, in the late 70's that Sky Lab was predicted to fall from space and land somewhere in NZ. It actually crashed into the wilds of Australia but I will never forget opening our bedroom curtains on that fateful day.
We had just put down a new lawn and were proud of the fact that fresh green grass was begining to emerge.
Peering through the window I gasped at the sight before me. There was Sky Lab in all its glory. The bottom  of an old washing machine,SKY LAB USA, painted boldly on its side, he whole contraption half buried in my beatiful sward. Topped by an anscient TV arial and USA flag.  A great practical joke by a crazy friend of ours.

I was thinking UFO's and came across an old photo of our daughter and grandkids, that you may find interesting. Have a close look at the gun barrel, if that's not a face in there...

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  1. It's probably the wee toe-rag who wrote all that stuff on the end of the barrel. Oh how I hate graffiti!