Sunday, January 29, 2012

Glassie lost his glasses

Well that should read nearly did.
Trolling for that elusive super trout on the lake, I was delighted when he struck hard onto my black and gold 'Toby' lure.  Almost landed the little beauty when he leapt out of the water and took off at an exciting pace. His tail splashed water onto my specs so I hurriedly took them off and chucked them up onto the boat's canvas canopy which was folded up at the time.
Got so busy landing the fish and; believe it or not, ran the same line a second time and caught his identicle twin, when it started to rain, put the canopy up which catipulted the specs $600 worth into the lake.

Good old insurance saved the day and have gained on the deal because I discovered three days later that those specs actually landed in the transome of the boat, hidden under the outboard motor.
Result.... Two beautiful trout and now proud owner of two pairs of $600 specs.