Tuesday, January 22, 2013

well well I'm back again. Not fallen off my perch as sugested by a certain Frenchman (adopted)

maureen and I have moved yet again. This time ( I believe it is move number 31) we reside in a small cottage over looking glorious Lake Rotoma in the Bay of Plenty district of North Island New Zealand.

M having reached the signifficant age is now drawing a well earned pension and God bless her for that!!

Our days are spent fishing for trout, landscape painting, golf at the local course and playing scrabble. The latter of which leaves me as the dumb loser nine times out of ten.

The spa pool (hot tub ) is up and running and following our nightly ritual of lying in the altogether staring at the night sky, we have noticed a sudden lack of bird and insect life and often hear the odd possum or wallaby screaming in fright at the sight of our nakedness.

Life is pretty grand, although we wonder how we had time to work. Our days are full to overflowing and best of all we live a mere 35 minutes drive from our children and numerous grandies.

hope all is well with whoever reads this, catch you next time.