Monday, April 8, 2013

I am amazed at how many satellites you can see. Relaxing in our open air spa the other night we counted ten. Of course there are hundreds maybe thousands zapping here there and everywhere. Granddaughter Ashlie called them 'Happy lights' because she did not want them to be sadder lights.
We often catch sight of shooting stars, some are spectacular but if you blink you miss them.

Now I have written this I can hear my friends saying...'For goodness sakes, get a life'. Oh well, retirement has its quieter moments and I have to is pretty darn good. (We also play a lot of scrabble...sorry!)

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  1. In August we often lie down outside at night to watch the shooting stars. There are often as many satellites going past as shooting stars.

    I'd rather watch shooting stars than play bloody Scrabble.