Friday, May 25, 2012

what's happening

Well although it may appear that I have gone to the happy hunting ground, fallen off my perch and popped my cloggs...

Received an email from a friend warning me of credit card theft. Think it best to pass on this info.

There are, as you are aware many dastardly rogues who keep coming up with cunning plans to steal our money.  Be aware of inovative schemes such as...
When you hand over your card at a restaurant or wherever the swines switch your card, give you back a similar type (which invariably you do not check) and promptly steal all your money. They have also been known to take a photo of your card unbeknown to you. So the message is to always check that your own card has been returned.

We have just had our annual budget from the National Party Government.
Has anyone noticed that the opposition parties always jump up in arms against the changes made but never come up with alternatives... that really bugs me.

On a lighter note I am still enjoying extremely successful trout fishing and some very bad golf.

Maureen and I are coming up for our 45th anniversary on July 15th.  Aint that something!!